Our Services

Web application development built on Microsoft .NET technology - from simple web-sites to complex web-applications:

  • design and mockups
  • web site programming from scratch or using open source framework
  • upgrading and redesigning existing web sites

We have a big experience in creating complicated CRM, CMS systems including payment processing and 3rd party API integration, Google APIs and Bing Maps. Deliver our customers rich, dynamic content and services on your corporate web-site.

Technology details: Microsoft .NET (C#, VB.NET), WPF, ActiveX, VB 6.0, C++, VBA, Pascal (Delphi, FreePascal), ASP.NET, MVC, Entity Framework, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, DHTML, XML, JSON, Flex/Flash, AJAX, Web-services(SOAP) IIS, Apache.

Other: MS Office plugins and VBA scripts, Google Map API, Google Doc API, video format conversion, custom video players, Windows API, MFC, ATL, OLE, ADO, ActiveX, payment processing (Paypal, Worldpay, FFS, Kapcharge, Telebuy etc.), NHibernate, Log4net, DocuSign API, MS VirtualEarth, Dialogic.

Desktop application development for wide range of customer needs - from simple desktop applications for Windows (C++ or .Net) to client-server applications. Application development can include the phases:

  • optimal technologies selection
  • system planning
  • prototype creation
  • system implementation
  • support
  • producing technical documentation

We can develop simple, easy to use desktop applications that exactly fit your custom needs in electronic document processing or you can use our ready to use applications.

Technology details: .Net Framework, MFC, WPF, ActiveX

If you need to automate routing functions in Adobe Acrobat Professional or MS Office we can develop plugin to add custom button or menu item and extend standard functionality of this product.

You can try plugins on our PDF services web site NextPDF.

Development of fillable PDF forms from simple type-in and print to complex interactive PDF forms with calculations and input verification.

Development of custom applications to process forms data on client desktop or on website, extract filled data from flat pdf forms, pre-fill forms with data from the DB etc. See detailed samples and description on NextPDF and XPForm.

Database Design Architecture can include:

  • complex database design
  • speed processing optimization
  • database redesign
  • performance analysis and atomization
  • database architecture

We work with the following CMS:

  • Umbraco is a modern and high productivity CMS based on new technologies MVC ASP.NET (MS SQL) with good SEO optimization possibilities.
  • mojoPortal is free open source web content management software for running your website.

To be all time in contact with our customers we have project tracking system on our web site. So customers can know a status of the task in any time.

We will provide a free initial consultation. Our developers will work with you to determine the scope of the project you need, and what technologies and applications will be necessary to develop and implement the project. At the end of the consultation phase, we will provide you with a detailed estimate for your project, including the various different phases and sub-projects.